Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Tour

Tomorrow is a big deal:

Schleck or Volkler. The former is the best bet the latter the Bastille Day miracle.


  1. I bet Frank Schleck wins tomorrow and maybe the next day and then the yellow will go to Andy Schleck for the rest of the race. Keep in mind I am new to TDF fandom so I might be missing some nuances.

    BTW I watched a few old TDF stages while i was supposed to be working today, Floyd Landis did an awesome breakaway in 06, may have been drug induced but it was till pretty amazing

  2. You called it. Charly Gaul took back 15 mins in a snow storm and had to be cut out of his kit and wanted to abandon, IIRC, back in the 50s. There's a great video compilation of Vino attacking, pointlessly and usually unsuccessfully. His aggressive style I may miss, his bone-headed kak-handed tactics no so much.